9 photo books and 5 photo essays
that I have done over the 26 yearsI operated my
stone and steel working studio at 417 N. Plum Ave in Bozeman Mt.

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*some pieces appear in more than one book

Photo Essays
These 5 Essays are photo albums of the building of some very major projects. The Captions help a person understand the procedures, weights, dates, and descriptions of the graphics.
These are booklets illustrating work that I have done over the 26 years I operated my stone and steel working studio at 417 N. Plum Ave in Bozeman Mt.
Two Sculptures  Two Sculptures a very large stone door and my meditation garden (Sanctuary)   Zak's Collection 2020 Zak's 2020 Collection
The Stone Staircase  The Stone Stair Case – such large stones the stairs had to be built before the second floor and roof could be built   Introduction Introduction to 50 years of Creative Endeavors
  Leather work 1. Leather Work Began in Arizona in 1966 
Waterfall Arch The Water Fall Arch – designed and built in Bozeman then transported to the Great Falls library and installed with running water.   Homes and Woodwork 2 - Homes and Wood Work fine homes I designed and built. The wood work and furnishings for the homes where made in my Zac’s Wood Shop in Bozeman Mt
 (36 Megabyte Download)
Zak's Sign Zak’s Sign 2002 – this sign marked my studio on Plum Ave. in Bozeman for years.   Processes 3 – Processes 1986 ~ 1999 painting and sculpture from sketches to finished piece. Work done in California, Arizona and Montana.
Fossil Thunder Fossil Thunder – my last monumental stone and steel sculpture. Has prolog and closing statements.   Stone Journey 4 – Stone Journey 1989 ~1999 stone and steel sculptures commissioned and built at Zak’s studio in Bozeman Mt.  (Large File -- 29 meg)
      Stones by Zk Stones by Zak a selection of sculptures in stone steel and wood. Signs – gates – lights – table – wind mobile – benches
(Large File) 20 Megabyte Download
      Current Stone Work Current Stone Work by Zak H Zakovi a collection of commissions in stone and steel – monumental sculpture – benches – lights – wall plaques.
      Catalog of Selected Work Catalog of Selected Work – huge projects in stone includes – lights – wall plaques – benches – mobiles – Zak’s head stone.
      Useful Art Useful Art volume 11 Stone by Zak – wind vanes – log and stone table – gates – lights.
      Flat Work Flat ~ Work a selection of paintings and ink drawings that span 1964 to 2004.
      Homes Homes Designed by Zak